Our delectable story began with Chef Czarina Jagto's deep love for avocados, which started when she was still young.

With the love and passion for desserts sprouted from this fruit, she created her own fresh take on centuries-old cheesecake: the avocado ice cream cheesecake, which later became a big hit with her family and friends.

With their support and Chef Cza’s eagerness to share her love of avocado, the first-ever Avocadoria store was established in February 2019 in Pasig City—in a tiny space filled with big dreams.

With now over 150+ branches natiowide.

Today, that tiny space has grown to hundreds of stores nationwide, bringing the best avocado-dessert experience to people from all walks of life.

Mission Statement

Committed to bringing happiness by providing the most delectable avocado desserts, we continuously explore new ways to satisfy our Avocadorians.

Vision Statement

To be a leader that spreads love and cheer for avocados and desserts worldwide.